Curveside Pools Inc.

Curveside Pools Inc. is Palm Beach Gardens’ best partner when it comes to pool cleaning and maintenance. We provide various pool solutions at competitive rates, giving you the benefit of having a clean and functional pool worthy of showcasing to friends and relatives!

We offer everything from pool maintenance to filter repairs! Partner with us, and our professional pool cleaners will turn your pool into a statement piece that’s inviting to use throughout the whole year, wherever you are in Palm Beach Gardens or nearby areas! For more information, give us a call or send us an email through the contact information provided here on our website. You can also send us a direct message by utilizing the contact form provided for you below.

Partner with Curveside Pools Inc. for reliable and thorough pool services.



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With Curveside Pools Inc.,
your pool is guaranteed to look better than how it originally was. We do weekly cleaning services that include debris cleanup, algae removal, and filter cleaning, all of which are provided for you by our team of expert pool cleaners and maintenance personnel.



Curveside Pools Inc. offers a wide array of pool cleaning and maintenance services across Palm Beach Gardens and surrounding areas. We do it all from leak detections to chemical testing. We take pride in what we do, providing high-quality and well-trusted work so that homes and other facilities all over the city can be equipped with clean and functional pools all year long.

We also have pool equipment parts in stock for when replacements or repairs are necessary. These parts are guaranteed to work and withstand your pool’s waters, as we use only long-lasting materials from reliable suppliers.

So whether your pool is running on fresh or saltwater, we have the right solutions to address such conditions. Take advantage of our professional services. Check out our list of offers below.


Just want to appreciate Curveside Pools Inc. I went out-of-town for a week and when I came back, I just wanted to take a rest and swim at our pool. To my frustration, the pool was not in a very good condition. It was horrible in fact! I asked mom about it and she told me that it rained heavily while I was on vacation. I had no enough time to do the cleaning.

So I thought of hiring professional service to do the maintenance just because I got a lot to do still. And lo! I was not disappointed. The pool is now almost back to its original condition. Much thanks!

PERRY F. ★★★★★